Useful Information about your holidays in the Greek Ionian Sea

  • lightIn most islands, restaurants have a unique local cuisine that will stay unforgettable. (souvlaki, stew, pastitsada, bourdeto)
  • Most fish taverns offer fresh fish which you can see and choose or pre-order so as to enjoy them on board any time you wish.
  • The wine you will enjoy in the Ionian Islands is a traditional local product as the people of these islands are creatively involved in wine making.
  • Most restaurants and other shops accept credit cards.
  • ATM machines are available in all cities.
  • Some cities have marinas while others don’t. However, in most islands, there are docks for mooring in the center of the city so that it will be easy for you and your company to take a walk around the island any time you like!
  • The yacht has a hot/cold running water system but if you wish to take a shower off the board there are many restaurants with shower facilities for yacht guests.
  • Shops are usually open from morning until night while some others may close for a few hours at midday.
  • There are pharmacies in all cities and they have similar opening hours.