Cancellation Policy

For any cancellations we must be notified via e-mail.

  1. Up to three (3) months prior to the departure date, there is a full refund of the deposit reduced by 10% (administration fees). For example, if the total cost is 4,000 Euros the deposit will be 1,200 Euros. The refund will be 1,200-120=1080 Euros.
  2. One month prior to the departure date, 50% of the deposit is refunded. Following the example above, the refund will be 1,200-600=600 Euros.
  3. Less than a month prior to the departure date: the total cost will be charged.

Personal responsibilities


A sailing boat offers limited space compared to the ones of your home. A team spirit of cooperation and mutual respect is of vital importance both for a pleasant stay while on board and for your own safety.

Our responsibilities:

If the yacht you have requested on the agreed date is disabled or unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances or an accident, we reserve the right to offer you a similar yacht in terms of length and cabins. This will not entitle you, by any means, to a refund, cancellation of the charter or a demand for compensation.

Change of date by the charter

  • The cancellation terms are effective. However, we always do our outmost to assist you with your new dates provided they do not coincide with any of our commitments.
  • We will make every effort to minimize the consequences that may result from a possible cancellation made by you, within the time limits mentioned above.


All the vessels offered are fully insured against all risks, serious injury of the crew whilst on board and marine pollution.
We suggest you make additional travel insurance arrangements (travel, cancellation insurance…) for the duration of your holiday with an approximate cost of 2-3% at the total charter value.

What to bring with you

Skipper’s license (if there is one), anorak or a light navy raincoat, soft boat shoes (not heavy trainer shoes), sun tan cream, only a few light and comfortable clothes, a bathroom kit and a camera. Use a soft luggage and not a hard side suitcase.

Chartering a vessel with skipper for a weekly charter

It’s the choice we recommend and the one we have priced.

By choosing this option, no money guarantee is required and there are no check-in and check-out procedures. You are free of any responsibilities and you do not have to deal with the standard charter procedures and the vessel’s care. The skipper will be a professional or the owner himself. He will be responsible for everything regarding the boat care so that you can enjoy your holiday trouble free. The skipper will always need your cooperation in his demanding task. You are free to participate in naval activities as much as you want and acquire experiences fast, easily and safely. In addition, the captain will guide you to places that is difficult to discover on your own and he will be the one with the required knowledge and experience to take the right action under difficult circumstances.

Alternative charter options

1.Cabin Charter:

his option is usually recommended for individuals, couples or small groups. It is the easiest and simpler way to travel and have your holiday on a sailing boat. You will not have to deal with the standard charter procedures or with the responsibilities and care of the boat. You can charter a cabin if you are a couple or an individual, you can share the cabin with a person of the same sex, or charter as an individual in a single berth. By choosing this option , you can participate in organized trips and choose the route of your preference. Embarkation and disembarkation ports normally have easy access from Piraeus or the airport. The price includes all operational costs of the boat.

2.One way charters:

Your trip begins at one port and ends to another. In this way you can find yourselves in a different destination from your departure point. You can also choose open sailing routes which are safe and more pleasant. One way charters have an additional cost of 150-700 (depending on the distances). This price includes return fees of the boat to the departure point, services and fares both of the skipper and his assistant as well as fuel costs.

3.Charter by day and for over two weeks.

These options are available upon request.


Cleaning and cooking are not in the skipper’s duties. They are part of the crew’s responsibilities or of a hostess that will cost you ±100€ per day.