Ionian Sea

Our sailing around the emerald waters and the picturesque, green islands of the Ionian Sea remains an unforgettable experience to our guests!

Having your own wishes as our main guide and setting sail from Corfu or any other place you might like, we will visit Parga, Paxos and Antipaxos, Lefkas, Kefalonia, Ithaca and many more beautiful locations!

Corfu (Kerkyra)

kerkyraCorfu is one of the most beautiful Greek islands which has acquired worldwide fame with its significant history, the green countryside, the lacy beaches and mainly its unique class. Due to its geography, Corfu has been dominant in the Greek history from the very ancient years. It is identified with the mythical country of Feakes, known from Odyssey. The hospitable people of Feakes contributed to the return of the ingenious Odysseus, the hero of the Trojan War, to his island Ithaca. The “grand lady” of the Ionian Sea, as Corfu is called, is situated in the northern part of the Ionian Sea and it is the second largest island-first is Kefalonia-of the Ionian complex. Its shape is oblong and it has an area of 592 km2 . It is opposite the coasts of Epirus and it is the north-western edge of Greece. The amazing combination of lush vegetation and endless lacy coasts makes Corfu a magical place to be. Such beauty is hard to be found anywhere else! The feast of its colours and the variety that only goddess nature can create, make up a dreamy scenery for every visitor. The touristic exploitation of the island’s natural beauties has not altered its unparalleled charm.



Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands with significant tourist structures and an extremely interesting natural environment. The visitor can find beautiful beaches, sights of historical, cultural and religious interest as well as unique natural phenomena such as the underground caves and the national park of mountain Aenos. Have a nice tour!


Ithaca is right next to Kefalonia. Their close distance has been the reason for a common historical fate. According to Homer, Ithaca was the legendary home of Odysseus. His love for this beautiful island made him return after a period of 20 years, despite his numerous adventures, the places he saw during the Trojan War and his wanderings on his way home to Ithaca.



A small green heaven. An island with a cosmopolitan aura that combines picturesque scenery and elegance. Paxi, the smallest Ionian island, charms every visitor. Just like every Ionian island, it is characterized by lush vegetation and its famous endless olive groves. Paxi is at a distance of 7 nm south of Corfu and 8 nm west of the Epirus coasts.

lefkadaLefkas (Lefkada)

Lefkada is the island that enchants every visitor. The endless green areas, the deep-blue Ionian waters, the bright sun that casts its light at day and the sweet moonlight that fills the sky at night, create an ideal scenery for dreamy holidays. This beautiful and idyllic island is part of the Ionian complex of Eptanissa. What makes Lefkada special is the fact that it is the only island you can reach by car and therefore it is known as the “land-rubber” island. It is the fourth in size Ionian island, with an area of 302.5 km2. Lefkada along with the nearby smallest islands Meganisi, Kalamos, Kasto, Scorpios, Madouri, Scorpidi, Thilia, Sparti and Kythro constitute the municipality of Lefkada. Lefkada is an island of endless natural beauties. It has acquired worldwide fame which to a great extent comes from the love that Aristotelis Onassis had for this magical place. No wonder the Greek tycoon chose to create his private heaven on this island.