Who are Ionian Sailing Holidays for?...

Your holidays with our sailing boat will be unique, regardless of how you might choose to travel, with your family, a group of friends or as a couple!



In daytime, both children and adults can be occupied with a number of activities. Children can be entertained with sea games, swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea and fishing while adults enjoy their food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere! All passengers are kept informed about the daily onboard routine, the cruise schedule and safety issues during the sail. At night, harbors give the whole family the chance to enjoy a walk in every island!


Our yacht is also ideal for couples. In a romantic atmosphere our guests can enjoy their holiday as if they are sailing on their own boat. It’s an excellent choice for honeymoon trips, wedding anniversaries or any other special occasion from birthdays to a marriage proposal!

Young and experienced sailors


If you have always dreamed of a luxury cruise with a private yacht, now it’s the time to make this dream come true!
In case you sail for the first time with a private yacht, you can enjoy safe navigation by a professional skipper or you can even learn anything you might want about the routines and the operation of the sailing boat. If you are experienced sailors, our skipper can let you take control of the helm thus enjoying the space, comfort and the use of the navigation and sailing tools. Our professional skipper will always be there to assist you!